My name is Patty, and this personal site I use to post things I like from programming, crafting, and random things that have happened.

Smylee is a handle I picked up in the mid-late 90’s. Prior to that I used “hyper” on an online BB system offered by the military base where I lived. My first use of smylee was an email on rocketmail (smylee(at)rocketmail(dot)com) which was later merged with Yahoo. Another reason for smylee, was my [collection of smiley face junk]() I started collecting in high school and I guess because I was always smiling.

Around the same time, I started teaching myself HTML and a bit of JavaScript and managed my personal Web site for a short time. (One day I will link it here if I feel brave enough.) In 8th grade I took QBasic and knew I wanted to be programmer. My high school mentor and computer teacher allowed me to continue on through high school taking Pascal, C++, and Visual Basic.

C++ was actually an online AP Computer Science course, that in hindsight, I took very much for granted. I did not realize what I was doing was pretty high tech for the time period.

I will not go through all the details after high school, or this will become very long. Through work and college, I’ve been exposed to or have used CGI/PERL, COBAL, C, classic ASP using VBScript, SQL (MS & My), PHP, HTML, CSS, Drupal, Moodle, Python, BASH, AWS, etc.

I’ve been lucky to have and will never forget my very supportive family, friends, and mentors through my still continuing career. They have always had great confidence in me and my abilities, even when I didn’t. I will probably always feel that way but I’m not the only one. As tech is constantly changing, there is always something to learn, and no one person knows it all. Have the courage to learn, explore, teach, try and fail, will you grow in your career and as a person. The rest will fall into place.