• Halloween 2016

    My costume this year was a La Calavera Catrina. My mom invited me her friend’s painting party that was theme dĆ­a de muertos and figured that would be my costume this year. The costume was pretty simple, I had the skirt and belt already and made the blouse to match. I also made the headband and belt “buckle” with lots and lots of glue. šŸ˜› Makeup design was was taken from a sticker that Raul has on our mini fridge.
  • Nintendo 3DXL Case for BG's Birthday

    In March I started a personalized tote bag that was supposed to be used for an easter basket. I ran out of time and made a smaller simple unpersonalized easter bag. I wanted to make something for BG's birthday and still had the unfinished tote bag in the closet. Not wanting to waste the fabric and the detail already made (initials and zipper pocket) I decided to chuck the tote bag and convert it into a 3DXL case.
  • Skelanimal Wallet

    A while back I purchased a yard of four types of Skelanimal fabric. I didn't know what I was going to do with it, and apparel wasn't really appealling. I've decided that purses and bags are a good use for them. My first use of the Skelanimal fabric was the gathered clutch. This time I decided to try my hand at a wallet. Of course the supplies. (I love first photos of just the supplies; it's just so amazing to see a pile of stuff turn into something.
  • Comic Con 2013 - Brother's Costume

    After making my brother's first costume in 2008... He asked if I could make Cless Alvein for Comic Con. Sure, but the catch - this one has armor. I made the outfit quickly and has been sitting around for a couple years now. I wasn't too crazy with the idea of making armor as it takes a lot of time. After procrastinating for years, I've finally buckled down and finished it. I also enlisted my brother's help, as it is for him after all.
  • Brown Top with Pink and Blue Heart Skirt

    Between working on my brother's costume, mercury retrograde, and the upcoming trips, I hesitated to work on any new projects. But I REALLY had a sewing itch and decided to go for it. First I have brown knit fabric I brought awhile back specifically for the top in New Look 6735. It's one of those articles of clothing that you want one in every color. In my case I'm able to get both a long (well 3/4 sleeve) and short sleeve version with just 1.
  • Kiddos Easter Bags

    I didn't have much time and I wanted to make a bag for Easter. Something that the kids could use. First I made the straps. Gotta press them out. These are the fabric I used. It was a simple bag, I didn't take any pictures along the way.      
  • Green and Gold Butterfly Blouse

    I found this green and gold butterfly knit and I love it. But what to make with it? I have such a hard time deciding on fabric with prints. The interesting thing about this fabric is the 8" strip on one salvaged edge; which is good for contrast especially in the style I'm planning on making. After washing, drying, and ironing (yes a little bit!), it was time to cut. Finally finished cutting what I thought was all the peices.
  • Skelanimal Gathered Clutch

    I'm itchin to finish something this weekend. Since my dress is on hold, last minute I decided to make a clutch purse, specifically this one from noodle-head.com. Back in September-October, I went to yardage town and came across Skelanimal fabric. Oh I was estatic! I didn't know what I was going to make with it, I just knew I had to have it. It was inexpensive; less than $5/yd. and picked up two designs. I also found some buttons, while not skelanimal, matched with the design and the color of the fabric (more so than these photos show!
  • Fall Colored Striped Dress

    Now that I've had a little break from sewing, it's time to get on and use some of the fabric my mom gave me. :) The first dress is going to be Simplicity 1755 View B. I made the muslin awhile back but thought I'd try it on my dressform (and on myself!) :p I've also had the fabric for awhile. I'm still not sure about the orange, might be too bright.