My Site is Now Using Lambda!! Attempting to revive my site after letting it go again. Drupal was too heavy for what I wanted to do with it. Robert told me about Hugo Static Site Generator and it’s very easy to use and lightweight. I’m stoked that the site is finally up and running. All I have to do is make these simple markdown page and upload to an S3 bucket.
  • AWS Lambda

    This post should be created with Lambda After a couple days of setup and coding this is my first attempt at getting Lambda to execute a python command that will run Hugo and update the website.
  • The Walking Dead Surprise!

    Raul surprised me with some gifts with a theme... The Walking Dead! :D First he got me the books with the Govenor's backstory. Then a few days later we recieved the figurines, card game, and board game... OH MY! Now I want all the Pop! Vinyl Walking Dead Toys. LOL :x UPDATE 8/3/2013: I finished the book Walking Dead Rise of the Governor. Felt like it started off slow, but about 1/3 into the book it picked up.
  • Doggies

    Today was the last day working on my brother's costume for Comic Con. Of course Apple comes along for the visit. Today she tried to play with Rudy, he didn't feel like it. I tried to get a video, but Apple gave up shortly after I started to record. :(
  • Yo-yo, Yo!

    After returning from DrupalCon with a novelty yo-yo, Raul turned around and bought me a real one. That novetly has nothing on my Maverick. He even bought finger covers and a trick glove. The after one day of using it (~3 hours), my sholder and arm was sore for about three days. :[ I'm still practicing the sleeper, but it's fun to attempt some other tricks as so long as it doesn't hit my face (which hasn't happened just yet :x).
  • Apple's Back

    Rudy came for a visit! Apple was visiting Rudy for a little while to cheer him up and this is them when Apple came home. Someone must be in the kitchen or getting some food. What's going on over there? Aww! They get a long so well now. So cute! :)
  • Chipotle Name Tags

    We decided to have Chipotle and ordered online. They ask for the name of the person the order is for so it's easy to divide up when returning home. I decided to add a different emote to each name. Haha! And you know I must have my chips! :p When I got home to my surprised, they added the emotes! :D This made my night, on top of the Starbucks Ruben brought over. :9
  • This Morning...

    EWWW!! This thing was next to my feet. I usually look in the tub for bugs before going in. It was very big to me; I'd say the body length was half my thumb. I was alone so I had to take care of the situation by myself; sorry but I had to smush it... :( Then got to work to this beautiful view.
  • Valentines Day 2013

    Every Valentines day we make filet minion with asparagus, and sometimes rice, but try to have potatoes. This year since it fell on a Thursday, we decided to wait until Friday so we could relax and enjoy the night. I decided to make onion soup as well. I actually used a combination of two different recipes, even though there really isn't much to begin with. The addition of thyme and the slice of french bread was so amazingly good.
  • I'm Still Here

    Still here just haven't worked on anything crafty since MLK weekend. My craft room temporarily turned into a drying room after laundry day(s) and because it's so cold, it took a couple days for the clothes to dry. Anyway, I'm thrilled that there's a three-day weekend coming up which means I need to finish the dress and make something else. I'm probably going to make the little bag my mom was asking me to make months ago.