• Solar Panels

    My solar panels are finally up and running! They’ve been up for about 2 months now but there was always something that needed to be adjusted or inspected. I signed the paper work on January 26, SIX months ago! It should’ve been on two-three months ago, but paperwork was messed up and they didn’t include the new electric panel on the initial install. Then I was waiting for inspection, turns out, they were waiting for word on some work that was already completely a month an a half before I called to follow up!
  • Welcomed Unwelcomed Guests

    While hanging out in the backyard, I notice apple is barking at a hanging planter next to the backdoor. So I go over and see what it is...? Apple is slippin! Turns out a dove has decided to make my planter it's nest. And what's that next to it...? Awww! A baby birdie! Two baby birds! And they are so big! How did we not see this? Had to be there for at least a month.
  • The Backyard

    The backyard is blooming! We'll be leaving soon for a week and with Comic-Con around the corner thought I'd take some shots before the storm. The Zuchinni is doing very well, should have some veggies when we get back. The tree is beautiful and I hope my neighbor enjoyed the two months with no leaves falling into their pool. Sorry! And what's that? A little birdie hanging out in the tree... And last, the plumeria will have flowers this year.
  • The Backyard

    On Saturday we planted some beans and zucchini seeds in the backyard. I went out today and to my surprise they are sprouting!  As I watered the new sprouts and the trees, I noticed one of my plants really likes where it's sitting. I forgot the name of the plant, have to ask my mom again. It has beautiful flowers when it blooms. I looked up at a tree we recently had trimmed back (a lot!