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s-MY-lee Dev Workflow Integration

Integrating my custom development workflow with my hugo_site repo

For practice and fun, I created my own custom development workflow.

I had written one a while back, but it was not maintained and the infrastructure I used was too slow, so I’m slowly porting it to a different language and infrastructure.

So in the first port, of course is to scope creep and integrate some “AI” ooooo. ;)


Currently, the GitHub app sends the PR open request to an API Gateway hooked up to a lambda function.

This lambda function verifies the payload signature and sends the request to the PR-open lambda function SNS topic.

The PR-open lambda function triggers, gets the commit messages from the PR on GitHub, and sends it to Bedrock for a summary.

It then subsequently posts the summary to the open PR on GitHub.

Smylee Dev Workflows Diagram

I’ll go into that project in another post.

Adding the repo

Any repo in my account that has this GitHub app installed will trigger this process on an open PR.

So let’s add the hugo_site repo and see what our latest summary will entail.

AI Summary in a Pull Request Description

If you notice the summary doesn’t include the last 3 commits, and this is probably due to me truncating the commit list of characters to 200 because I don’t want to pay too much for AI queries.

I should add it to remove the “chores” or the labels in the commit message.

To not have this automatic, it could be change into a comment command, which I might implement at another time.

But this is great because I don’t have to write any descriptions and have a starting point if I want to modify.

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