• Halloween 2016

    My costume this year was a La Calavera Catrina. My mom invited me her friend’s painting party that was theme día de muertos and figured that would be my costume this year. The costume was pretty simple, I had the skirt and belt already and made the blouse to match. I also made the headband and belt “buckle” with lots and lots of glue. 😛 Makeup design was was taken from a sticker that Raul has on our mini fridge.
  • Comic Con 2013 - Brother's Costume

    After making my brother's first costume in 2008... He asked if I could make Cless Alvein for Comic Con. Sure, but the catch - this one has armor. I made the outfit quickly and has been sitting around for a couple years now. I wasn't too crazy with the idea of making armor as it takes a lot of time. After procrastinating for years, I've finally buckled down and finished it. I also enlisted my brother's help, as it is for him after all.