• Raspbuuuury Pi

    I recently acquired a Raspberry Pi and brought it over to test it out with my dad. It’s very neat in that each SD card holds an image for what function you want. The card that mine came with had Raspbain installed. I was able to connect to the Internet and use their Web browser no problem! We decided to install KODI to see what that’s about. I used a guide to install KODI, but was using a MAC and skipped some of the steps.
  • Internet of Things - Programmable Amazon Dash Button

    I was curious about the programmable Amazon IoT Dash Button and pre-ordered two buttons, thinking I might program one to give to my dad. A few weeks ago it came in (three months earlier than expected) and went through their tutorial, which sends an email with a different subject based on how you clicked the button (single, double, long). *It looks like they’ve updated that tutorial since, and will send you a text instead of an email.