• Updated Hugo Site Automation Generator

    I’ve decided to finally go back and revamp my original hugo setup which can be found in the Hugo Site Auto Generated by Lambda post. The issue with that previous setup was if I had multiple posts (markdown files), the S3 event would trigger the lambda function as many times as the number of files uploaded, when I only needed it to run once after all were uploaded. My new plan was to publish the markdowns to github and have a lambda function trigger to pull the files and put into S3.
  • New Theme

    I finally got around to playing with Hugo Themes and making my own. I’m not a front-end developer and I wanted something very simple that didn’t take too much time to make. Used bootstrap and updated the colors and that’s about it. I also updated the logo to change the blue eyes to brown, but I don’t think the CDN has picked up the changes yet. I have yet to make images for the posts, they will just stay the defaults for right now.