I finally got around to playing with Hugo Themes and making my own. I’m not a front-end developer and I wanted something very simple that didn’t take too much time to make.

Used bootstrap and updated the colors and that’s about it. I also updated the logo to change the blue eyes to brown, but I don’t think the CDN has picked up the changes yet.

I have yet to make images for the posts, they will just stay the defaults for right now.

I did have a couple issues with updating the theme.

  • When I pushed it up, the sidebar was not rendering. I updated Hugo to version .16 from .15 in Lambda and it worked fine after that.
    (guess I should check the version, Robert :p).
  • Found an issue with the new emoji feature and colons in the content that was already reported but not yet fixed in the release version. Won’t be using those for now.

I did have other issues, but they weren’t as time consuming as those. When I was trying to get the emoji to work, I learned a new feature of Hugo, shortcodes.

There are some other things I want to add:

  • category and tag when you hover over a post on the main page
  • category and tag in the footer
  • next/prev post from a page

But for now… I will get back to learning more AWS things. :)