I was curious about the programmable Amazon IoT Dash Button and pre-ordered two buttons, thinking I might program one to give to my dad.

A few weeks ago it came in (three months earlier than expected) and went through their tutorial, which sends an email with a different subject based on how you clicked the button (single, double, long).

*It looks like they’ve updated that tutorial since, and will send you a text instead of an email.

Upon searching what you can do with this button, I found a night light switch project that sounded pretty cool, but upon continued reading, also learned that it will only last approximately 1000 clicks! That is very little for a development + use. The battery is welded in and cannot be easily replaced. I was disappointed that was the case and for the price as well.

In the email I received, I notice it was sending the voltage reading, which went down with every click.

The pre-programmed dash buttons that Amazon sells, the 1000 clicks isn’t an issue because it will take a long time to reach. So I need to be sure what I decide to use this for will not require many clicks in a short period of time.

There are other ways to play with IoT. I have a Wio Link coming next week which will be a new tinkering project to mess with.

Until then, the button will sit around until I find something that will work with the 1000 click limit.