In March I started a personalized tote bag that was supposed to be used for an easter basket. I ran out of time and made a smaller simple unpersonalized easter bag.

I wanted to make something for BG's birthday and still had the unfinished tote bag in the closet.

BG letters on a bag from a prior project.

Not wanting to waste the fabric and the detail already made (initials and zipper pocket) I decided to chuck the tote bag and convert it into a 3DXL case.

After measuring the 3DXL I found the inititals will spread across the whole case from edge to edge.

BG cut out of the old bag and the rest of the fabric lying around.

I cut out the rest of the pieces and laid it out to get an idea of what I'm working with. This is where I stopped until I bought some black wide bias tape.

Fabric pieces cut and laid out for sizing.

Now that I have the sizes sorted, I need to make the DS pocket. I wanted a little cushion, as it's holding precious content, so I put some batting between the fold as well as lightweight interfacing.

Folded fabric showing the layers of interfacing and batting.

Now the pocket is finished, time to make the flap. I used lightweight interfacing on every inch of fabric (well, it was already on the tote.)

The inside of the flap showing the interfacing.

The velcro already existed on the tote bag. I reused both fabrics where the velcro was attached to. It was an accident but I liked the corners triangled off.

The flap is turned right side out.

I skipped photographing all the steps of actually attaching the pockets and started back up again when I attached the zipper. My first attempt, I put the zipper on backwards (the zipper pull was on the inside.) In the second attempt, the left and right side of the zipper did not match so when it was zipped up, the top pulled right while the bottom pulled left.

Open case stitched together with raw edges.

Finally on my third, it came out just right. Luckily, each attempt was a basting stitch so it wasn't terribly hard to remove. I have put projects on hold because I don't feel like removing stitches.

Close up of how close to the edge the stitch is on the zipper.

Again no progress picture of the bias tape, but I did the initial stitch on the inside, so my handstitching ended up on the outside. 

Side view of the case showing the end of the zipper hanging outside the bag.