Between working on my brother's costume, mercury retrograde, and the upcoming trips, I hesitated to work on any new projects. But I REALLY had a sewing itch and decided to go for it.

First I have brown knit fabric I brought awhile back specifically for the top in New Look 6735. It's one of those articles of clothing that you want one in every color. In my case I'm able to get both a long (well 3/4 sleeve) and short sleeve version with just 1.25 yards of fabric, granted the pieces are cut just right. I didn't take any pictures during cutting and I should've because I forgot the layout of the pattern to maximize the fabric, so I figured it out as I went. I did mess up, but was able to recover just fine.

I get very very parinoid at the fit when making things for myself. I will try it on after every major addition. Even if I try it on and pin it, I never believe the pins, and always find that I should've. For this top, I was ok with the fit the first try.

Brown fabric pinned onto dressform.

It took me about three hours to finish this top. Not too bad as I've made this top twice already. I bought a double needle to use with my walking foot (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my walking foot - a must for knits) but everytime I go to use it, I realize I need another spool of thread - duh! So I just go through the machine twice.

Brown short sleeve top on dressform.

Next was the skirt. I have a lot of fabric, but the wrong type of fabric for the skirt I want. So I decided that with the stiffer fabric I should make the skirt pleated rather than gathered and it might droop better. Also, the fabric I decided to use has a very distinct pattern to it. So I measured out each heart and based the cut off of that and the size of my waist.

Pleated pink, blue, and brown heart skirt with unfinished waistband

I've come to love installing invisible zippers. I did install it a bit too low, but I'll get better with practice.

Close up of needle stitching the zipper onto the dress.

I didn't take many progress pictures for this either, and my patterns didn't match exactly but that's ok!

Close up of matching fabric pattern at the zipper.

The BIG mistake I did make, was not leaving enough seam allowance in the back, so the length of the front and back was the same. I should know better! Since I already cut the seam allowance, I re-finished the edge with the most minimum seam allowance possible.

Showing the difference in seam allowance for the hem.

I think it came out alright. I can wear the top with another skirt  (I haven't worn yet because no top to go with it). The best part of this is I got both peices complete and during mecury retrograde.

That was well enough to fix my sewing itch until the July festivies are complete next month. :)


I wore the outfit to neices birthday party in August. Funny, right when I got out of the car, the first thing that happens is a gust of wind made my skirt flying up and I had to wedge it between my legs for a little bit. HAHA!

I asked Raul's cousin CJ to take my picture. As he was taking it, I was thinking why is he holding the camera so high up? I find out later that it's because higher up the camera is propped, the thinner you look...?

Well, I felt taller in this outfit but I LOOK SHORTER!! :[

Me with the Brown Top with Pink and Blue Heart Skirt holding a lollipop next to a tree.

Angles man, angles...