Now that I've had a little break from sewing, it's time to get on and use some of the fabric my mom gave me. :) The first dress is going to be Simplicity 1755 View B.

Simplicity 1755 Pattern Cover

I made the muslin awhile back but thought I'd try it on my dressform (and on myself!) :p

Muslin fabric on dressform

I've also had the fabric for awhile. I'm still not sure about the orange, might be too bright. We'll see..

Fabric pinned on dressform

Laying out the pieces, making sure I had enough fabric. I had the exact amount needed.

Cutting the pieces

All the pieces are cut! Now on to my favorite part...putting it all together. :)

All the pieces are cut

This fabric frayed a lot and because of the weave design it would sometimes come out in chunks. Yay for the serger!! *biggrin* The only part I didn't overlock is the pockets because they had a U shape to them. I cut around it with the pinking shears but that did't help too much.

Overlock fabric

Now as I'm trying the top on, I feel like the fabric is a bit thin. I shake it off and continue on to find I'm at the LINING step of the pattern! All this time, I never realized I needed lining. I found some white lining in my drawer but I really wanted black, so a quick run to the store and I had my lining. *good*

Lining, front slit

This skirt has so many pleats! I didn't do a good job making the pleats even. Next time I'll lookup and try a different technique.

Pleats, pleats, pleats

After putting the top and bottoms together, next was the zipper. It was my first time putting on an invisible zipper. I don't think I did too bad thanks to this invisible zipper tutorial.

Invisible zipper

I've tried it on and it all fits well, but after putting on the orange collar and sleeve, it's just too bright. I need to find a darker orange. :(

Pinned contrast to sewn part of striped dress

Swung by JoAnns and they didn't have the orange I wanted, but they had a couple shades of red to choose from. I think it will work out ok. :)

Red contrast fabric on dressform

Now I have all the contrast pieces cut.

Cut fabric for the sleeves and collar

The process for making this slit was interesting. I messed up a couple times, it was hard to understand the instructions.

Slit and button loop on sleeve

I was so excited to get it all together that I didn't take anymore pictures until it was finished. :) I didn't think to match the front stripes when I cutout the fabric, but surprised it came out so close.

Front of fall colored striped dress on dressform

The back of the dress didn't come out too bad with the zipper and how the lines matched. It did pull in towards the waist.

Back of fall colored striped dress on dressform

It fits perfectly and I love it! :p

Simplicity 1755 - Finished Dress!